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Getting around Vietnam


Information on how to travel around Vietnam by car, taxi, flight and more.
Known elsewhere as rickshaws or pedicabs, the cyclo's design slightly varies
according to what part of the country on is in. These are a fixture in all major
and minor cities in Vietnam. Cyclos should be booked through your tour company
or through the doorman or concierge of your hotel. Any trip to Vietnam without
riding a cyclo is a trip deprived.
"Xe Om"
This term literally means to "hug the motorbike." Xe Om drivers (motorbike
taxis) peruse the streets in the cities and in the countryside looking for
fares. An excellent and ready means of transportation only for the very brave
hearted. How to hail a Xe Om: extend arm and hand directly outward; flutter your
wrist as if waving goodbye to someone . . . this will hail the first available
Xe Om . . . or perhaps even a mob of them.
Perhaps the best taxi service in the world exists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City;
the taxis are new, reliable and economical. Always take a metered taxi. Some
taxi companies:
* M Taxi - 822-2666
* Mai Linh Taxi - 822-6699
* Vina Taxi - 811-1111
* Saigon Taxi - 424-242
* Duong Sat Taxi - 864-5645
* Hanoi Taxi - 535-353
* Mai Linh Taxi - 822-2666
* Taxi CP - 826-2626
City Buses
Cars and Vans
Late model Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, Mercedes Benz cars and vans are available
for hire (with driver) through your tour company or your hotel. Self-driven
rental cars are not recommended for the rules of the road are entirely different
from North America.
Not recommended for Saigon but for the more calm and quaint streets of Hanoi
they are strongly recommended. Bicycle rentals can be made through your tour
company or through the concierge or front desk of your hotel.
Motorbikes are available for rent but are strongly not recommended. They are
well worthy of watching for their amazing feats. A terrific book "Bikes of
Burden" by Hans Kemp displays Vietnamese motorbike ingenuity at its very best.