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Foreign embassies in Vietnam

Embassy is a representative organization of a country which is located abroad. Every embassy are headed by an ambassador. In general, the functions of this organization are protecting its country's right in the local country, reporting the situation of the local country to its own country, boosting the relation between 2 countries. Moreover, embassy have the right to provide visa and other documents for citizens of the local country who want to immigrate into its country. 

Here are the address of foreign embassies in Vietnam:
1. Albania     49 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84-4-8253865   
2. Algeria     12 Phan Chu Trinh, Ha Noi
Tel : 84 -4 - 8253865  Fax : 84 -4 -8260830
Website : http://www.ambalgvn.org.vn     
3. Australia     66 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8252763
Web: http://www.ausinvn.com     
4. Belgium     B3 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 252263     
5. Bulgaria     2 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 252908     
Cambodia     Hanoi: 4 Thuyen Quang,
Tel 8264816
Ho Chi Minh City: 41 Phung Khac  Khoan, Tel: 84 - 8 - 8292751    
6. Canada     39 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8265840   
7. China     46 Hoang Dieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8253736, 253737     
8. Cuba     65 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 825477
9. Czech     13 Chu Van An, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8254131    
10. Denmark     19 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: +84 (4) 8 231 888
Web: http://www.dk-vn.dk     
11. Finland     Suite 603, Central Building, 31 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
Tel: 84 - 4 - 826 6788
Web: www.finland.org.vn   
12. France     Hanoi: 49 Ba Trieu, Tel: 84 - - 252719, 254367, 254368
Ho Chi Minh City: Consulate 102 Hai Ba Trung, Dist 1, Tel. 8-8297231
13. Germany     29 Tran Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8253836
14. Hungary     43-47 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8252748    
15. India     58 Tran Hung Dao, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8253409   
16. Indonesia     50 Ngo Quyen, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8256316    
17. Italy      9 Le Phung Hieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 825624
18. Japan     49 Nguyen Du, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8257902     
19. Korea,  (People's Dem. Rep.)     25 Cao Ba Quat, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8266621    
Korea, South Tel: 722 704 3570/1, Fax 822 793 1009
20. Korea (Republic of Korea)     4th floor, 360 Kim Ma, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8315111
21. Laos     Hanoi: 22 Tran Binh Trong, Tel: 84 - 4 - 8254576
Ho Chi Minh City: Consulate 43 Phung Khac Hoan,  District 1,  Tel: 84 - 8 - 8292751, 8292744     22. 23. Malaysia     A3 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8253371  
24. Netherlands      Daeha Office Tower, 360 Kim Ma, Hanoi. Tel. 84 4 8315650 
25. Myanmar     Building A-3, Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 253369, Fax: 84 - 4 - 252404   
26. Philippines     E1 Trung Tu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8257948     Philippines 
27. Poland      3 Chua Mot Cot, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8252027    
28. Romania     5 Le Hong Phong, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 4  8252014    
29. Russian Federation     58 Tran Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 825463    
30. Singapore     B4 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8233966      
31. Slovakia     13 Chu Van An, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 4  8254131    
32. Sweden     2 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8254824
33. Switzerland      77b Kim Ma, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8232019, Fax: 84 - 4 - 232045     
34. Thailand     63-65 Hoang Dieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 235092, 256053, 262644     
35. United Kingdom     116 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 - 4 - 8252510
http://www.uk-vietnam.org     Tel: 84 - 4 - 8431500
Web: http://www.usembassy.state.gov/

Painting exhibition on mountainous area

67 paintings by 49 artists on industry, agriculture, environment and nature in mountainous areas are on display at an exhibition held by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association in Hanoi.

The works are products of the Club of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association after field trips to the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang and Bac Ha, and other remote and mountainous areas.

The activity marks the Forest International Year 2011.

According to the organizing board of the exhibition, “mountainous areas need care and the support of the community. We should talk to protect woodland areas in the mountainous regions, care for customs of culture and production of people in these areas, and improve education for ethnic people. The topic about agriculture, nature and environment in mountainous areas needs the popularization of painters

Con Dao – one of the world’s top 20 mysterious islands

The Con Dao Islands, an archipelago in the southeastern province of Ba Ria–Vung Tau, include 16 small and big islands, covering an area of 76 square kilometres. Famous for pristine beaches and monument prisons, Con Dao promises great potential for tourism development. The archipelago has recently been honoured in the top 20 most mysterious islands in the world by US’s Travel and Leisure Magazine. 

One of sixteen islands in the Con Dao archipelago

A corner of Con Dao, the largest islands which cover two thirds of the area of the archipelago  

Tourists visiting the “tiger cage” relic in Con Dao Prison where many revolutionary soldiers were imprisoned  

Vietnam Set To Welcome More British Visitors

European countries in general and the UK in particular are considered important markets for Vietnam's tourism sector. 

For the last few years, the number of British visitors to Vietnam has increased considerably. Every year, Vietnam receives about 100,000 British visitors and this trend will continue to increase robustly in the future when direct flights between the two countries begin in December, 2011.

For years, most of the UK's major travel agents such as Explore UK, Wendy Wu, Trailfinder and SAGA have sent their visitors to Vietnam through its local partners with an increasing number of visitors to Vietnam. British visitors often choose south to north Vietnam tour packages which include important destinations such as Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh. Long day tours focus on exploring cultural features in different areas and regions or relaxation tours for older visitors. Notably, Indochina tours through Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia are top choices for British visitors.

In addition, British travel agents have also developed special Vietnam tours to attract visitors. According to Gecko Travel, Vietnam has numerous picturesque landscapes and natural scenes which offer opportunities for eco, countryside, beach, adventure, cultural and cuisine tours. Wendy Wu, another British travel agent, focuses on road tours which create a chance for travelers to visit famous attractions en route and stay in villages.

To attract more British visitors, Vietnam's tourism sector in general and travel agents which target the UK market have developed suitable tours and tourism promotion plan to the UK. In addition, Vietnam has implemented numerous tourism promotion activities to embellish its image in the UK market. Through cultural activities, in June 2011, the Vietnam Embassy in the UK in partnership with Oc-Eo Art Gallery, a big Asia art gallery in UK, launched an exhibition entitled "Land of Hidden Charms". The exhibition introduced the culture and beauty of Vietnamese people and Vietnam's country.

In order to promote tourism cooperation, in early July 2011, Vietnam Airlines officially announced the deployment of direct Vietnam-London Gatwick flights from December, 8th 2011. Vietnam Airlines will provide four flights a week, of which two flights will depart from Hanoi and two from Ho Chi Minh City. With the direct Vietnam-UK flights, the number of British visitors to Vietnam will increase sharply. Vietnam will become a gateway to welcome British visitors to Indochina. Vietnam Airlines are the first and the only airline with direct Vietnam-UK flights. This shows its great effort in promoting cooperation ties between Vietnam and the UK. Direct Vietnam-UK flights will contribute to completing and developing Vietnam Airlines' network. London will become the forth gateway in Europe that Vietnam Airlines exploit direct flight besides Paris, Frankfurt and Moscow. Vietnam's position which is a gateway to/from Indochina will be also strengthened.

In addition, to promote tourism activities in the near future, Vietnam and the UK will enhance exchanges on tourism information, market research, tourism development planning and management, and experience on developing special tours to attract British visitors. Vietnam's travel agents will have a chance to meet with British partners to seek business opportunities, develop market and attract visitors.

Malaysia highlights eco-tourism ties with Vietnam

Malaysian travel firms and their counterparts in Vietnam have discussed cooperation in developing and promoting eco-tourism and adventure packages as well as attracting more Vietnamese travelers to new destinations in Malaysia. 

Mount Kinabalu, jungles, beaches and diving areas in the Sabah state were among the new destinations that Malaysian travel firms introduced to their counterparts in HCMC last week and in Hanoi on Monday as part of the Malaysian Borneo Tourism Seminar and Travel Mart 2011 in Vietnam.

Mohd Akbal Setia, director of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board in Vietnam, said the major event was for travel companies in Vietnam and Sabah to mull packages consisted of islands, beaches and adventures for the Vietnamese market. Setia said there was huge potential to draw Vietnamese nature lovers and adventurous travelers to new destinations in Malaysia in addition to general tourists to sightseeing sites and shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, Genting and Malacca. “More people want to do something else with eco-tourism and adventures, and Sabah can cater to this rising demand,” Setia told the Daily after the meeting arranged last Friday for Malaysian firms to meet with representatives of some 30 travel firms in HCMC.

Representatives of local tourism companies applauded the joint effort of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board and Sabah Tourism Board for offering Vietnamese travelers, particularly MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) guests, more options and reasons to visit Malaysia.

Setia said that the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board saw increasing interest of Vietnamese travelers in new places and steady growth in the number of Vietnamese visitors to Malaysia over the past years.

Malaysia attracted roughly 59,000 Vietnamese visitors in the first five months of this year compared to 58,770 in the year earlier period. Setia said the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board was looking to 166,000 this year.

Vietnamese arrivals in Malaysia are forecast to jump in summer months as reported by Vietnamese travel firms at the Malaysian Borneo Tourism Seminar and Travel Mart 2011 in HCMC last Friday. There have been more flights between Vietnam and Malaysia this year.

Each of Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia operates three daily flights to and from HCMC and one from Hanoi, and these flights can be connected with their daily services from the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Vietnam Airlines’ launch of its direct daily service between Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur in mid-June this year brought the carrier’s number of flights between Vietnam and Malaysia to 21 a week.

Setia said Vietnam was now ranked Malaysia’s 14th visitor-generating market and expected that Vietnam would be in the list of his country’s top 10 markets in terms of visitors in the next three years.

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Re: vietnam travel : Vietnam train

Traveling by train is a commonly affordable way in Vietnam. It generally costs
you less than flying or renting car and that too, it is safe and comfortable.
What's more, impressive sightseeing from train will make your trips the most
Vietnam railway system
Vietnam Railways Corporation (VRC)-Duong Sat Vietnam is the national railroad
carrier with dozens of trains.
Train & routes
VRC has two main types of trains, S/E express and TN, in which the latter are
much faster and equipped with more modern coaches.
The major route is Hanoi- Saigon with stops along the way in Hue, Da Nang, Nha
Trang and other smaller provincial cities. Every train traveling on this journey
is called the Reunification Express.
Trains S/E1 to S/E6 have air-conditioned restaurant cars and soft-sleeping
berths with western toilet facilities. They have 3 classes: air-con soft
sleeper, air-con hard sleeper and air-con soft seat. Some S/E trains are
attached with high-quality sleeping cars (run by private companies) for tourist
to Lao Cai, Hue and Da Nang (see below).
Trains TN1 & TN2 are older, slow and very basic with only hard sleepers and hard
Trains TN3-TN10 have 6 classes: air-con soft sleepers, air-con hard sleepers,
hard sleepers, air-con soft seats, soft seats & hard seats.
Trains LC1- LC4 and Sp1-Sp4 ply the route Hanoi-Lao Cai. SP trains sell 6 types
of tickets like TN3-TN10 and have some deluxe sleeping berths attached. LC1 and
LC2 have 5 classes (no air-con soft seats) while LC3 and LC4 only have soft
seats and hard seats like TN1 and TN2.
For long distances, it is most advisable for you to choose air-con soft sleeper
of S/E trains. Soft seats are tolerable for short distance only. If your time
budget are generous and your trips involve no night travel, or when S/E tickets
are sold out, then try soft sleeper/seat of TN3-TN10 and save some dollars. Some
non air-conditioned trains reward you better chance for sightseeing or
photographing with their open windows though they are rather hot in summer. Hard
sleepers and hard seats should be ignored all together as they are very
uncomfortable and usually crowded.
Children 1-4 travel free and 5-9 half fare. Others older than 10 must pay full
fares which change every 6 months. Cost varies among the train types
(express/slow) and ticket types (hard/soft, air-con/fan, sleep/seat). In
addition, for sleepers, top bunks are cheaper than bottom bunks.
Here are major routes and fares (for air-con soft sleeper class of S/E trains -
TN trains often cost US$2 less):
Saigon – Hanoi.......... (1,726 km, 36-40 hours).......... US$62
Saigon – Danang....... (935 km)............................... US$36
Saigon – Hué............ (1,027 km)............................ US$42
Saigon - Nha Trang... (411 km)...............................
Hanoi – Saigon.......... (1,726 km)............................ US$62
Hanoi – Hué............. (688 km)............................... US$28
Hanoi-Da Nang......... (791 km)............................... US$32
Hue-Da Nang............ (103km)................................ US$4
Da Nang- Nha Trang.. (524 km)............................... US$20
Hanoi-Lao Cai........... (294 km)............................... US$17
In peak season (around Tet Holiday), it is wise to have your ticket booked in
advance by local travel agents (and expect to pay a bit more). Otherwise, you
should buy ticket directly at special counters for foreigners in stations. Note
that at Hanoi or Saigon station, you can buy journeys of all itineraries while
in others, only journeys starting at that particular station can be booked.
Passport is required on booking, payment is preferable in VND and credit cards
are yet to be accepted.
Ha Noi stations: No 120 Le Duan St (Tel: 84.4.39422770 or 84.4.39423949)
Hue station: No 573 Bui Thi Xuan St (Tel: 84.54.3822175)
Da Nang station: No 202 Hai Phong St (Tel: 84.511.3823810)
Sai Gon station: No 01 Nguyen Thong St (Tel: 84.8.38436524 or 84.8.38436528)
Nha Trang station: No 17 Thai Nguyen street - Nha Trang city (Tel:
Note: Online booking is reported to be already available, yet it is not working
now. You may check it at the Website of Vietnam Railways
Corporation: www.vr.com.vn
Also, please note that VRC trains to Lao Cai depart at Hanoi sub-station on Tran
Quy Cap St, opposite to main station on Le Duan St.
Hanoi-Sapa deluxe trains
These luxurious trains are run by private companies with the target at tourists
traveling in style. Actually, they are special cars attached to the SP3 and
SP4 trains of VRC. Currently, you cannot book for them at the stations but
through travel agencies.
Vietnam Victoria Express travels daily (except Saturdays). This is private
service of Victoria Sapa Hotel for its guests only. Cost is from US$145 for a
round trip, much higher than VRC
trains.Livitrans, Tulico, Ratraco, Friendly, Royal or King Express generally
cost you a bit less thanVictoria. For more information and booking visit:
Saigon-Nha Trang Golden Train (old name Five Star Express)
These high-quality trains, owned by a private company, ply the routes Saigon-Nha
Trang, Saigon-Phan Thiet and Saigon-Quy Nhon. It also boasts with luxurious
sleeping compartments as well as modern and comfortable sofa style seats.
Golden Train's sleepers cost around US$20 for the Saigon-Nha Trang journey and
US$25 for Saigon-Quy Nhon.